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    Dropbox Abandons Cross-Platform C++ for Mobile, Goes Native

    Is the Holy Grail of cross-platform code-sharing for iOS and Android mobile apps attainable? Dropbox doesn't think so -- at least not with C++. 08/16/2019

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    Researchers Offer Tool to Vet Possible Insecure Mobile Backends

    New research indicates that even though mobile developers may follow security best practices in their projects, their apps may be contacting cloud-based backend platforms that can introduce vulnerabilities without their knowledge. 08/15/2019

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    Zing Java Runtime Optimized for Containers and Cloud Deployments

    Azul Systems has released a new version of Zing, its flagship Java runtime, optimized for container and cloud deployments. Zing 19.07 eliminates the requirement for Zing's ZST memory management kernel module, and extends its performance and throughput advantage when executing ad hoc and query-based workloads. 08/14/2019

  • Eclipse Foundation Gears Up for Enterprise Java Release with JakartaOne Live Stream

    The Eclipse Foundation is gearing up for the Sept. 10 release of Jakarta EE 8, the first version of the enterprise Java platform under the Foundation's stewardship, with, among other things, a livestream event. 08/14/2019

  • Jelastic Extends Support for Java Runtimes

    Jelastic, the Java-focused cloud hosting platform provider, today announced new support for several Java runtimes, including AdoptOpenJDK, Liberica, Zulu, Corretto, OpenJ9 and GraalVM. 08/13/2019

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    Application Development Research Predicts Low-Code Tooling Takeover

    Low-code development tools, having grown and matured during a time of increased enterprise app demand and a programming skills shortage, will be used for most application development by 2024, research firm Gartner Inc. predicts. 08/12/2019

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    SCADE Update Furthers Mobile Cross-Platform Swift Programming

    SCADE, described as a next-generation mobile application development platform that allows Apple's open source Swift programming language to be used for Android apps in addition to iOS, now supports Swift 5 thanks to an update. 08/09/2019

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    Amazon Cloud Handles Data Lake Overhead

    Now it's easier for customers of the Amazon Web Services cloud to create, set up and manage data lakes with the general availability of AWS Lake Formation, graduating from preview and promising to relieve some of that associated drudgery. 08/09/2019

  • Diving into DevOps

    GitHub's New 'Actions' Adds CI/CD Features

    GitHub unveiled an upgrade of its Actions workflow automation and customization solution today that comes with a new bundle of continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) capabilities. The new version is now in beta. 08/08/2019

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    Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.7: Final Full Support Update

    This is the final release of the platform with full support, and marks the transition of RHEL 7.7 to Maintenance Support 1, the second of the four phases of the RHEL 10-year lifecycle. 08/08/2019

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    Android Studio 'Project Marble' Improvement Program Ending Soon

    In an Ask Me Anything event on the programming section of the Reddit site, Android engineers who held online court to answer all questions indicated that Project Marble, an Android Studio improvement program, will be ending soon. 08/07/2019

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    AWS Mobile Back-End Framework Adds Machine Learning Functionality

    The Amazon cloud is continuing its mission "to put machine learning in the hands of every developer" with new functionality for AWS Amplify, a back-end development framework for mobile and Web apps. 08/07/2019

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    Google Taps Arm's Memory Tagging to Fight Android Bugs

    With memory-safety bugs continuing to haunt developers of all types -- especially those using C++ -- Google will borrow from Arm's memory tagging scheme to harden its Android mobile platform development. 08/06/2019

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    Architecture Small Graphic

    Google Announces Cloud SQL for Microsoft SQL Server

    Earlier this week the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) team announced the alpha release of Cloud SQL for Microsoft SQL Server. 08/01/2019

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    Container Stack

    IBM Announces Native Cloud Capabilities for Software Line via Red Hat Containers

    IBM today announced that its software portfolio is now "cloud-native" for all major cloud platforms thanks to Red Hat's OpenShift enterprise Kubernetes container solution. 08/01/2019

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    Urgent/11 IoT Zero-Day Security Flaw Poses Threat

    Major code vulnerabilities detected in the network stack of up to 200 million IoT devices could enable attackers to remotely execute code and take over or shut down devices in the field. 07/31/2019

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    Gray Brick Wall

    Microsoft Research Leverages Blockchain Technology for New AI Framework

    Microsoft Research is unveiling its latest AI initiative: an open source framework that aims to help "democratize AI" by leveraging a blockchain-based back end. 07/31/2019


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